Teen Charged For Break In At McGinn Chief of Staff’s Home

Prosecutor have filed burglary and auto theft charges against a 16-year-old boy for allegedly burglarizing and stealing two cars from the home of Mayor Mike McGinn’s chief of staff, Julie McCoy, in last month.

According to court records and police documents, McCoy awoke shortly before 6:00 am on February 25th and found that someone had taken more than $85,000 worth of property—including TVs, computers, video game systems. and a GMC Yukon and BMW X5 registered to McCoy and her husband, Bill Broadhead—from her Carkeek Park home while she and her five children slept.

Police recovered the Yukon and BMW later that day—the Yukon was found in Greenlake and the BMW in Greenwood—and officers took prints from both vehicles.

About two weeks after the burglary, on March 7th, Mercer Island police called Seattle detectives and said they’d arrested the 16-year-old Seattle boy for another similar burglary that day .

Police interviewed the 16-year-old, who admitted to Seattle detectives that he and two other boys—who are not named in court documents—had broken into McCoy’s home and stolen her BMW and Yukon. The boy also told police the location of “several other vehicles that had been used in other burglaries” which he and his accomplices had kept keys to so they “could be used whenever the need arose.”

According to law enforcement sources, the teen was arrested this afternoon, which seems a bit strange considering the teen gave a full confession to Seattle police over a week ago. We’ll put in a call to SPD to find out why it took so long for them to make an arrest.