Man Threatens to Blow Up Seattle-Area Police Stations As “Tribute to Maurice Clemmons”

Bomb threats appear to be all the rage these days.

King County prosecutors have filed charges a 46-year-old Seattle man for allegedly calling in a bomb threat to several King County Sheriff’s office precincts earlier this week. The incident occurred four days after police arrested another man for an unrelated bomb hoax in downtown Seattle.

According to court documents, David Alan Roth called 911 from a motel room in the 16500 block of International Boulevard South in SeaTac at about 1:40 am on March 16th and told a 911 operator that he had “placed explosives” at four Sheriff’s office precincts in Bothell, Maple Valley, Burien, and the King County courthouse in downtown Seattle.

Roth, 46, allegedly told the operator he had set “C-4 and timers…to go off ‘around shift change’ [as] a tribute to Maurice Clemmons,” the man who allegedly shot and killed four police officers in a Lakewood coffee shop in November.

The man also warned police not to “breach” his motel room “because he had weapons and C-4.”

Deputies arrived at the motel within minutes, coaxed Roth out of his room, and arrested him. Police found no explosives in his room.

Roth—who, according to court records, is homeless and has no prior criminal history—told officers “he was depressed and considered ‘death by cop'”

Roth is being held in the King County Jail on $100,000 bail.