The Morning Blotter: Broadway Market QFC Plagued By Shoplifters

A police report released this week says the Broadway Market has been hit hard by shoplifters lately, and that thieves are becoming more brazen.

A report for a March 10th incident says a staff member at the store called police at about 11:30pm after he spotted a frequent shoplifter in the store. “The suspect has been shoplifting daily from the  QFC” on Broadway and E Harrison, the report says.

This time, the employee saw the man walking out of the store  carrying two stolen containers of Tide detergent, worth about $50.

The employee tried to use a shopping cart to block the shoplifter’s exit, but the suspect pushed the cart into the employee and ran out the door, dropping on of the detergent containers in the process.

“QFC has been victim of more frequent shoplifts as of late,” the QFC employee later told officers, adding that “shoplift suspects are becoming more bold.”

The report indicates police were going to examine in-store security footage to try to identify the suspect.