Brawling In Belltown


An argument inside the Crocodile Cafe escalated into an all out melee in Belltown last week, a police report says.

At about 1:45am on March 13th, officers were called to 2nd and Blanchard to break up a big street fight. At the scene, “40 to 50 people shouting and yelling, and some groups were pushing and shoving each other.”

Police managed to move most of the crowd along, but several groups hung around and a second fight broke out down the street near the V-Bar Noodle Bar and Lounge, the report says.

One man was attacked and knocked to the ground, and police spotted “an Asian male…wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a white shoes walk swiftly away” from the fight. Several people in the crowd then “began yelling hysterically and pointing at the male walking away, stating, ‘Stop him, he did it, he just hit my friend.'”

According to several witnesses, the incident began when two groups got into an argument inside of the Crocodile Cafe. One of the men involved in the altercation was dragged out of the bar by friends, and then began yelling at people on the street.

A man on the street apparently took umbrage, and punched the man in the face, sparking the melee.

Police arrested the man and booked into the King County Jail for assault.


Just came across another report for another fight incident in the area shortly after police broke up the aforementioned incident.

At about 2:30am, police were back at 2nd and Blanchard for (what appears to be) another fight outside of V-Bar. Officers found a man laying on the ground, bleeding from his head and face, and witnesses told officers three suspects had fled the scene. Officers stopped three possible suspects at 2nd and Lenora, but the victim told police they weren’t the men who’d assaulted him.