We Have Mixed Feelings About Vigilantism

Every so often, we like to spotlight a little bit of vigilantism here at Seattlecrime.com. Not because we endorse it, but because we grew up on comic books and can’t help ourselves.

A police report says a  University District neighbor was so fed up with an (alleged) drug house in his neighborhood that he went all Charles Bronson and pulled a crowbar on a few (alleged) drug buyers earlier this month.

According to the report, shortly before 11:00pm on March 14th, the neighbor was in his home near NE 40th St and 7th Ave NE when he saw a maroon Ford pull in to the alley behind his home.

The neighbor told police he’d been having problems with a supposed drug dealer in a house just across from him.

The neighbor watched a man  and a woman get out of the maroon Ford, walked up to them, and informed them they were parking on private property and needed to leave.

The man didn’t take it well, and punched the neighbor in the face.

The neighbor shoved the man and went into his home and got a crowbar. The man and the woman then got back in their car and left the scene.

Police ran the plate on the maroon Ford and found that it was registered to a business in Renton. The report does not say whether police intend to investigate the “drug house” or whether any arrests were made.