Police Investigating Two Armed Robberies In South Seattle

Police reports indicate two students were robbed in South Seattle earlier this month by men who displayed or threatened them with guns.

Rainier Beach

According to a report, at about 4:45pm on March 17th, a student was standing at a bus stop at Rainier Ave S and S Henderson texting on his phone, when a man walked up to him and demanded his phone.

The suspect lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun, and the student handed over his cellphone. The suspect then fled east towards Lake Washington.

The report described the suspect as a “6’1” blackk male in all black or dark blue clothing with a “hoody” between 19 and 21 years of age.”

The report doesn’t indicate which school the victim attends, but the incident took place near Rainier Beach High School.

Columbia City

In another incident, a South Seattle Community College exchange student was walking home through Columbia City at about 10:30 pm on March 16th when a man walked past him, turned around, and began chasing him down the street.

The suspect grabbed the student, and another suspect ran up and told him to “be quiet and not yell or be loud.” The second suspect then put his hand in his waistband and told the student “I have a gun,” the report says. The report doesn’t say whether the suspect actually ever displayed the gun.

The men stole the victim’s cellphone, iPod, and wallet—although the report says they gave the wallet back when they realized there was no money inside—and fled south on Rainier.

The exchange student went home and told his host family, who called the student’s cell phone and spoke with a man who answered.

According to the report, police received information about a similar robbery in the area about a week before this latest incident.