Sounders Fans Still Up to No Good

Is soccer becoming the new favorite sport for local hooligans?

Seattle police are looking for a Sounders fan who punched a bar owner in the University District over the weekend.

According a report, at 1:00am on March 19th, police were at a bus stop talking to a man sitting on the ground when they saw a fight break out down the street in front of Fourno’s.

A security guard told police he was escorting a group of patrons out of the bar when one of them turned around and punched him in the face. Police arrested the man, who told officers he had been trying to break up a fight.

The bar’s owner also told police he had been assaulted by another man, who’d fled the scene. The second suspect was wearing a green ‘Sounders’ shirt, the report says.

Earlier this month, several Sounders fans allegedly beat and choked a Portland Timbers fan near Qwest Field.

Does soccer turn people in to jerks, or are jerks naturally attracted to soccer?

Photo courtesy of Matt Mason