Man Starts Fight With Bouncers At Pioneer Square Club

Seattle police were called to Club Heaven in Pioneer Square earlier this month after, a police report says, a man assaulted a staff member at the bar.

At about 11:30pm on March 20th, officers on patrol near 2 Av S and S Washington St saw staff at Club Heaven fighting with a male patron outside the bar.

According to the report, earlier in the evening a bouncer at saw a woman with an “unfamiliar bottle of champagne”, which the bouncer thought might have been smuggled inside the club.

The bouncer took the bottle, confirmed it was purchased at the bar, and gave it back. The woman’s fiancee “got upset” and “became very aggressive” towards the bouncer, police say, and bar staff decided to remove the man from the club.

Security staff told police that as they were removing the man from the club, he lunged at and tried to choke a staff member. It also appears the man may have punched a staff member during the struggle.

The man was treated for a bloody nose and pepper spray inhalation at the scene.

According to the report, the man refused to talk to police about the incident and it appears he was released at the scene.