The Morning Blotter: Metro Driver Assaulted After Finding Weed on Bus

A Metro driver was assaulted near the Northgate Transit Center earlier this month by a man who accidentally left marijuana on a bus.

According to a police report, at about 10:40am on the March 20th, the driver dropped off all of his passengers at 103rd and 1st Ave NE and parked a few blocks away.

While doing an inspection of the bus, the report says the driver found a Newport cigarette box which contained five or six “dime bags of ‘green leafy stuff'” he believed was marijuana.

According to the report, the driver went up to the front of the bus and “was about to report his discovery” when a man—who’d gotten off the bus a few minutes earlier—approached the driver on the bus and told him “Those are my cigarettes, give them to me.” The driver matter-of-factly told the man “There aren’t cigarettes in here, these are drugs.” The man then punched the driver in the ribs, grabbed the cigarette pack and fled south on 1st Ave NE.

The driver reported the assault and police, who were unable to find the suspect.