The War on LaRouchies Continues

Downtown Seattle continues to be a dangerous place for weirdos to promote Lyndon LaRouche’s crazy send-Obama-to-the-moon campaign.

According to a police report, another sign-wielding Mooninite (that’s what we’re calling them now) called police at about 4:00pm on March 24th and said he’d been assaulted by an angry passerby.

Police arrived at the scene and found the man “carrying large political signs with a very unflattering picture of our country’s current president.”

The victim told police he was holding his sign “and trying to engage passersby in conversation” when a “very enraged” man walked up to him, circled around him and began screaming “fucking retard” over and over. The suspect also told the victim he “was in a cult,” tried to grab his sign, and then shoved him.

The angry man then left the scene and police were unable to locate him.

This is at least the second attack on a LaRouchie in as many weeks. On March 19th, a LaRouchie was attacked at 4th and Madison by a man who was apparently offended by her “Send [Obama] to the Moon! (and his little mustache too!)” sign.