Four Quarters Asked…

Our news partners at have some news about a man who’s been hitting up Capitol Hill businesses for change for a dollar, right before he robs them.

From CHS:

  • Four Quarters Incident 1:On Friday the 19th, a man walked into 10th Ave’s Cafe’s Dharwin just after the northern Capitol Hill coffee shop opened for the day. According to the SPD report, the white male was “dressed like a construction worker in blue jeans and a light gray pullover sweater.” The employee working that morning told police the man pulled out a dollar bill and asked her for change. As she opened the register, the man pushed her away and then walked out of the coffee shop and fled south on 10th Ave, making off with about $200, according to the employee. The report says SPD could not recover any fingerprints at the scene.
  • Four Quarters Incident 2: The next day, a man made off with a ‘handful of bills’ after robbing a restaurant near the 1500 block of Broadway around 10 PM.