Man Attacks Bar Staff, Gets Arrested At R Place On Capitol Hill

Seattle police arrested a man armed with a “slap stick” and a handgun at R Place on Capitol Hill last week after the man allegedly assaulted an employee.

At about 11:30pm on March 26th, staff at R Place—on Boylston and Pine—contacted a man who was “drinking and causing a disturbance” at the bar, and asked him to leave. Instead of hitting the bricks, a police report says the man “yelled incoherently” and stuck his hand in an employee’s face.

When employees tried to remove the man from the club, the report says the man pulled out a “slap stick”—a leather sheath wrapped around a thick, heavy piece of metal which, according to the report, is a prohibited weapon—and smacked a staff member in the head, “causing an inch-long laceration and swelling.”

Security staff grabbed the man and escorted him outside the club. When police showed up, the man told officers he was carrying a handgun in an ankle holster.

“The weapon was recovered and found with a round in the chamber, the magazine full, and ready to fire,” the report says.

The report indicates the man told officers he didn’t know it was illegal to carry a gun in a bar.

Police arrested the man for assault with a deadly weapon and booked him into the King County Jail.