Homeless Man Claims He Was Pepper Sprayed “For No Reason” In Wallingford

A homeless man reported that he was pepper sprayed on a street in Wallingford last week “for no apparent reason.”

According to a police report, a man called police at about 11:00pm on March 26th and said he’d come across a man at Greenlake and 45th who had been pepper sprayed.

At the scene, an officer immediately recognized the victim as a transient in his 50s. The man’s “face was severely swollen including his eyes puffy and swollen shut,” the report says.

The transient told officers that a white male with blonde spiky hair “walked up to him and pepper sprayed him right in the face for no apparent reason.”

Medics transported the man to UW Hospital for treatment. Police were unable to locate anyone matching the suspect’s description in the area.