Woman Says Gang Member Pickpocketed Her At Queen Anne Nightclub

A police report says a woman called police last week and reported that she pickpocketed by a self-proclaimed gang member at a Queen Anne nightclub

The woman was dancing with the man inside a club in the 300 block of 5th Ave on March 28th, when she noticed her phone was missing. Club staff cleared the dance floor to help the woman look for her phone, but was unable to find it. The next day, when she called her phone and a man  answered.

“When she asked for her phone back, the suspect began talking gang slang telling her he was a crip gang member,” the report says. The man then told the woman “if she wanted her phone back she would have to ‘suck me up'”.

The woman canceled her cell phone service and called police.

It appears that the pickpocketing occurred at Club Diamond, which seems to be quite the popular place with gang members and other ne’er-do-wells these days. In the last few months, police have responded to at least three gang-related incidents at or near the club.