I Steal My Sunglasses At Night

Today’s lesson in crime: thieves and scoundrels cannot be reasoned with, but they can be bought off.

According to a police report, a man was walking through Belltown at about 2:30am on March 28th when a man approached him at 4th and Bell and snatched his sunglasses off his head.

The suspect “would not give his sunglasses back,” the report says, “so [the victim] offered him $20 and pulled out his wallet.” When the man handed over the cash, the suspect handed back the glasses.

During the exchange, a second man, who was with the suspect, tried to grab the victim’s wallet, and a third accomplice punched the victim in the arm.

The victim managed to hold on to his wallet and walked away. Police weren’t able to find the group of sunglasses stealing fiends in the area.