Pot Activist Says Police Pooped In His House

A Kirkland pot activist has accused King County Sheriff’s deputies of “assaulting him with bodily fluids” (which isn’t nearly as sexy as it sounds) after, the man claims, he found poop smeared on a wall in his house, which was searched by police last month.

This might just be the best news release ever written in the history of crime:

Medical marijuana advocate Steve Sarich has accused Sheriff’s detectives of assaulting him with “bodily fluids”.  He claims detectives searching his house spread human excrement (poop) on the wall behind his bed and nightstand.

The allegations were contained in e-mails sent by Sarich to the Sheriff’s Office on April 2nd and  April 5th.

In the e-mails Sarich said the substance “is still being tested”, but added “I have three dogs and I know the difference”.  Sarich went on to write “Chelsea and I are willing to take DNA tests to prove it’s not ours.  This is ‘assault by bodily fluid’”.

A search warrant was served on Sarich’s residence on March 15th after five people were involved in an early morning robbery of his house where shots were traded.  Sarich was grazed by a shotgun blast and he shot one of the intruders, hitting him three times.  The wounded 18 year-old, who was not armed, remains hospitalized after his lower leg was amputated due to his injuries.  Three of the remaining four are still in jail.  All five have been charged by the Prosecutor’s Office.

Well over 350 marijuana plants were found in the residence, along with processed marijuana and food infused with apparent marijuana.  The investigation is continuing and the case has not yet been referred for prosecution.

Sarich offered no motive for detectives defecating in his house and then spreading it on the wall.  He did not mention it to detectives who met with him on March 19th and 20th while doing follow-up work on the robbery investigation.

So…is Sarich telling the truth? Or is this a total load of shit?