Woman Robbed at Gunpoint On Capitol Hill

A woman was robbed at gunpoint at Summit and Union last night. Capitolhillseattle.com has the details on the robbery, as well as a possible arrest:

The 911 call reporting the attack came in from a friend of the woman who was robbed. The caller told police she had been talking to the woman when she heard a man tell the woman to get off the phone or he would shoot her. Police found the woman who provided a description of the man who had held her up. According to the radio reports, the man is described as a black male around 6-foot tall in his late teens or early 20s. The woman said the man was wearing a white bandanna on his head at the time of the attack.

A 911 call came in shortly after the reported robbery alerting SPD to some sort of disturbance at an apartment building near 18th and E. Howell It was not clear from the radio reports what the connection between the apartment building and the Summit robbery was but at least one person was detained.