His Mutant Power Is Sucking At Shoplifting

One inept shoplifter (and apparent X-Men fan) was busted at the Pike Place Market last week after he made two failed attempts to walk out of a shop inside the market with several X-books.

Wolverine and Colossus deal with a shoplifter (not pictured

At about 10:00am on March 30th, Pike Place security called police and said they had a man in custody for shoplifting.

An employee at a store in the market (presumably Golden Age Collectibles, although the business is not listed in the police report) told officers that the man had tried to walk out of the store with $70 worth of X-Men comics on two different occasions in the last week.

Staff at the store didn’t report the first incident, but when the man came back to the shop several days later, employees kept an eye on him and “noticed as he left that he had a bulky items under his jacket,” the police report says.

A female employee followed the man outside of the store and shouted at him. The report says the man then “immediately reached under his jacket, removed two “Astonishing X-Men” hardcover books and dumped them in a nearby trash can.”

Security came a grabbed the man, who was cited with a trespass admonishment and released from the scene.