Girl Says She Broke Into Denny Middle School Because “They’re Racist”

Police arrested three juveniles caught breaking in to Denny Middle School in West Seattle earlier this month, and one of the young suspects told police she did it because the school is “racist.”

According to a report, police received a report of a break in at the school—in the 8400 block of 30th Ave —at about 8:00pm on April 4th.

Police met school district security staff at the building and arrested one juvenile female and (it appears, although the report isn’t totally clear) two juvenile males they spotted running from the campus.

As the girl was seated in the back of a patrol car, one officer asked the girl why she had broken into the school. The report says the told the officer “I don’t like that school, they’re racist”.

The officer told the girl “That’s no reason to ruin your life,” and the girl told police she had only wanted to break a window at the school.

Police surveyed the damage allegedly caused by the three kids, and found they had used a rock to smash a window and enter principal’s office.

The Youth Service Center declined to book the three juveniles, so police took them home to their parents.