The Morning Blotter: “Hey, I just robbed this guy for 20 bucks.”

A man called police last week and reported he was robbed on that dark, bleak stretch of Denny Way between 5th Ave N and Westlake.

According to the report, the man told police he was crossing the street at 8th and Denny at about 2:00am on April 5th when a tan Lincoln pulled up next to him and a man got out and approached him.

The report says the man “kept one hand in his jacket pocket and demanded [the victim’s] wallet.”

The handed over the $20 bill in his wallet, but the suspect demanded “the entire wallet,” the report says.

The victim took off running and called police, who met him at 6th and Denny.

While police were talking to the victim, a security guard for a nearby motel approached officers and said he had seen a gold Mercedes Benz pull into the motel parking lot, and heard one of two men in the car announce “Hey, I just robbed this guy for 20 bucks.” The men then drove off.

Police were unable to locate the suspects, but even if they had, the report says the victim man told police he “was not willing to identify any possible suspects or suspect vehicles.”

That stretch of Denny—which used to populated by and A&W and the old Razzmatazz, about a billion years ago—has also been the site of at least one major prostitution sting in the last year.