Man Brutally Beaten In Armed Robbery Under Viaduct

A man was brutally beaten in a robbery under the Alaskan Way Viaduct late last month according to a police report released earlier today.

According to the report, the man parked his car under the viaduct at about 7:00pm on March 25th and was paying for parking when he was approached by two men, who told the victim “Give me your money white boy.”

“Both suspects were armed with metal pipes and they began to hit victim about the head,” the report says, and stole $80 from him.

The victim drove himself to his home on Mercer Island and called police. The man was tranpsorted to Overlake Hospital, where he was treated for “a spider fracture to the bridge of his nose, 75 stitches above his left eye and 50 stitches above his right eye.”

When the man contacted Seattle police at the West Precinct last week to report the incident, the report says “both of victim’s eyes were still bruised and swollen at the time.”