The Seattle Weekly Responds

Seattle Weekly reporter Rick Anderson called me shortly after I took a swing at him earlier today for his softball puff piece interview with Caffe Vita/Via Tribunali owner Mike McConnell, who Anderson has known since McConnell “was a teen.”

Anderson told me McConnell “was looking for a friendly, no question about it,” when he reached out to the Weekly to talk about his pending DUI, assault, and hit-and-run charges, stemming from an incident on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

Anderson says he “had some doubts” about McConnell’s version of events—which you can read here—but, “The other side has already been told. This was his chance. He told me pretty much the same thing he would’ve told anybody who reached him for his side of the story.”

Even if that’s true, I still believe that a reporter without any prior relationship with McConnell would’ve pushed a bit harder. 

That said, Anderson doesn’t think McConnell was given an unfair shake by other reporters. “It was worth writing about,” he says. “The guy’s involved in city politics and is a well known restauranteur. It was stupid to walk away as he did, and he admitted that. As to what his blood alcohol level might’ve been, I don’t know. Parts of [McConnell’s story] just don’t add up.”

Well, at least Anderson and I agree on something.