Three Men, One Teen Charged For Violent Metro Bus Robberies

Prosecutors have charged three men and a teen in connection with two cell phone robberies on Metro buses. From the

The [victim] said a youth — unknown to him but since identified as [16-year-old Danico] Robinson — grabbed his T-Mobile G1 phone and started to run from the bus, Johnson said in court documents. As he did so, a second individual stood and blocked his path.

Robinson and the second teen, identified as Curtis Howard Taylor III, 18, began kicking and beating him and continued to do so after he pursued them from the bus, the man told officers.

“He relayed that one of the bones in his right shoulder was so severely crushed that one of the blood vessels had ruptured,” Johnson said in court documents. “If the blood supply could not be restored to the bone by his doctors, there was a possibility he would lose his arm (and) shoulder.”

“Based on (his) body language it is obvious he is in extreme pain,” the detective told the court. “No one else on the bus came to his aid” during the attack.