The Morning Blotter: Man Crashes Car, Gets Tattoo, And Attacks Cop In Wallingford

Seattle police arrested a man in Wallingford last week after, a police report says, the man left the scene of an car accident to get a tattoo, and then attacked a police officer.

According to a police report, officers received a report at about 6:45 on April 11th that a driver involved in an accident at 45th and Latona Ave NE was refusing to exchange information, and that the man “had departed the scene and was inside “Slave to the Needle” getting a tattoo.”

The victim told police he had stopped at 45th and Latona when another car turned into him, striking the front of his vehicle.

The man from the second car got out, walked up to the victim’s vehicle, and forced the victim to stay in his car. “Each time [the victim] would attempt to exit, [the suspect] would push the door shut,” the report says.

The suspect refused to exchange information and walked away from the scene to get a tattoo.

Police arrived and spoke with the victim, and sent him on his way.

A short time later, the report says, the suspect returned to the scene and was “very aggressive, hostile, and agitated towards police for no reason.”

According to police, the man became aggressive, and then chest-bumped and punched one officer, before shoving him to the ground.

Officers took the suspect to the ground and handcuffed him, but the man “sprung up” and kicked an officer in the “upper left thigh and testicles,” the report says.

Police got the man into a patrol car and later booked him into the King County Jail for assault.