Feds Getting Closer To Owning Their Very Own Strip Club Chain


Three key members of Frank Colacurcio Sr.’s strip-club operation are involved in negotiations with federal prosecutors that could result in pleas to felony charges in exchange for an agreement that would permanently close the four clubs, sources say.

Three sources, all with direct knowledge of the case, said a deal could be struck between the government and the three defendants — club co-owners Steve Fueston, David Ebert and Leroy Christiansen — within a few weeks.

If it happens, it would mean a victory for federal and local law-enforcement officials who for years have been trying to close down Frank Colacurcio Sr.’s operations, long alleged to be fronts for prostitution and money laundering. It would also make good on a promise made by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in July, when sweeping indictments against the men were unsealed, that authorities finally had enough ammunition to dismantle the Colacurcio nude-dancing empire.