Club Promoter Savagely Beaten Outside Pioneer Square Club

Seattle police are investigating a brutal assault on a Lynnwood man who was jumped while leaving Pioneer Square club earlier this month.

According to a police report, the man received two black eyes, stitches on his face, bruises on his chest and elbow, broken teeth, and possible orbital bone fractures during the attack.

The report says the man was walking to his car after leaving a club—identified in the report as Ibiza—at about 2:00am on April 17th when a group of four or five Asian men jumped him.

The victim was knocked unconscious, but a friend who witnessed the attack told police he tried to intervene when he saw the group jump the victim.

The victim’s friend went and laid down on top of the victim to try and stop the assault, the report says, but the group kept coming until club security stepped in and pepper sprayed everyone. The victim was taken to a hospital in Everett and the incident was reported the next day.

The victim—who, the report says, does “promotional business” with the club—and his friend told police they had “no idea about any motive for this assault” and said they hadn’t had any problems at the club earlier that evening.