Driver Pulls Gun In Road Rage Incident in SoDo

Seattle police are looking for a man suspected of harassing and pulling a gun on another motorist in SoDo last week in what appears to be an unprovoked case of road rage.

According to the report, the victim was driving to work on E Marginal Way S around 5:00am on April 25th when a blue Monte Carlo pulled in front of him and “dynamited his breaks.” The victim slowed down and tried to keep his distance from the other car, but the driver of the Monte Carlo decreased his speed—to around 20 mph, the report says—and again slammed on his brakes.

The Monte Carlo then sped up to about 50-60 mph, and the victim tried to change lanes to get away from the other driver.

The Monte Carlo slowed down and kept pace with the victim, so the victim decided to pull over and let the other driver continue on.

The report says when the victim pulled over near E Marginal Way and S Spokane Street, the driver of the Monte Carlo pulled up alongside the victim and pointed a black handgun at him.

As the victim whipped out his cellphone to call 911, the other driver—described as a “white male, brown-haired, balding, in his mid to late 40s—began to circle his vehicle, and then sped off.

The victim was able to get the plate number on the Monte Carlo, and the police report indicates the suspect’s vehicle was involved in a similar incident earlier this year. In the previous incident, the report says, the driver—who is in his late 40s—was arrested for harassment.

Police didn’t arrest the driver of the Monte Carlo immediately after this latest incident, but we’ll check and see whether anything new develops with this case.