I Need Some Closure Pt 2

After a long legal battle, the owners of several troubled Aurora motels are closing up shop. The PI.Com has the scoop:

Four Aurora Avenue motel corporations entered guilty pleas Tuesday to criminal tax violations in Seattle Municipal Court, the City Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday.

Under terms of the plea agreements, two of the motels, the Isabella and Italia, will be sold within four months or leased to non-profit groups for use as low-income housing or emergency shelter.

Police and neighbors have long complained about the motels as centers for drugs, prostitution and other illegal activity.

“This result is a win for residents along the Aurora Avenue corridor, demonstrating what’s possible when neighbors collaborate with SPD and this office to take back the streets,” City Attorney Peter S. Holmes said in a statement.

Earlier this month, the attorney for Dean and Jill Inman, owners of the troubled Aurora Avenue North motels and their related corporations, filed a motion to dismiss tax-related charges, alleging “prosecutorial vindictiveness” and saying the possible violations were minimal.