High School Student Injured In Brawl at UW Festival

One teen was injured and another boy was arrested following a brawl at a festival on the University of Washington campus earlier today.

According to University of Washington Police Department spokesman George Solomon, several “uninvited high school students” got into a fist fight around 2:00pm at the “Poly Day” Polynesian festival near Red Square. 

Solomon says UW typically invites groups of high school students to attend festivals on campus, but the two boys involved in the fight had not been invited by UW.

We received word of the incident from Seattlecrime reader MKirch1250, who reported the brawl on using our new Youreport feature in our iPhone app.

According to MKirch, the fight involved more than 30 people. However, UWPD’s Solomon said he could only aware of a fight involving two teens.

Solomon one of the teens needed to stitches for his injuries following the fight, and that one of the boys had an outstanding felony warrant and was arrested at the scene.

We’re working to get more info from SPD and we’ll update if we hear back.