The Morning Blotter: More Details On South Seattle Tasering/Dog Shooting

Earlier this week we told you that Seattle police officers shot a dog in South Seattle. Well, now we’ve got details on the crazy events that led up to the dogicide:

According to a police report, bike patrol officers stopped four people for a drinking in public in South Seattle on April 25th.

As police were dealing with the group, another man—described in the port as “about 6’6 and about 300lbs with a muscular build“—walked up to officers and said “what the fuck is going on here?”

When officers told the man they were “just talking” with the group, the man asked “Why don’t you leave them the fuck alone?”

According to the report, the man “was agitated, drunk, and or high and was looking for an altercation.”

One officer told the man he needed to leave, but the man snapped back at officers. “Fuck you I live here up stairs,” the man reportedly told police.

The report says police again asked the man to leave, and that if he didn’t, he could be arrested.

The man then walked over to one of the officers’ bicycles, the report says, and “asked whose bike it was.”

When officers told the man to leave the bike alone, the report says he got into a “fighting stance” and challenged officers to a fight.

Officers told the man he was under arrest, but the man ran from police and went inside of a nearby building and entered his apartment on an upper floor.

According to the report, officers went back to dealing with the four men they had initially detained for drinking, but the man began “yelling from his upstairs home” and told officers “I’m gonna fuck you up, motherfuckers. I’m gonna fuck you up.”

As if this whole encounter couldn’t be any nuttier, the police report says the man then opened the window of his apartment and tried to bond with officers. “In what appeared to be a brief moment of clarity he opened up his window and yelled he was sorry and that he was a good guy,” the report says.

Then, the report says, the man told officers “See I’m one of you. I’m a good guy. I help keep all of these niggers off the streets. I clean up my neighborhood.”

The man then returned to threatening officers, the report says, and police became concerned that the man might “throw weapons” at them from his apartment or get a gun.

The report says the man “began throwing metal objects” at police from his second floor apartment, and officers struggled in trying to get the man to surrender.

When officers forced their way into the suspect’s apartment, the report says they found him “standing in the hallway in his underwear, holding a pocket knife.” Police also spotted a brown dog, which “weighed about 100 pounds.”

As police tried to coax the man out of his apartment, the report says the suspect ordered his dog to “get” officers. The dog began “growling and showing its teeth,” and one of the officers opened fire, dropping the dog.

Officers finally made their way into the suspect’s apartment and arrested him. The report says the man was only wearing his underwear, and had “countless knives, swords, and other bladed cutting weapons,” at his disposal.

Officers ended up Tasering the man, who “yell[ed] threats” at officers. 

Once police got the man in handcuffs, the report says he yelled at officers for shooting his dog, which “was the only thing he had to live for.”

Police arrested the man, transported him to Harborview for medical treatment, and then booked him into the King County Jail.