Man Injured In Failed International District Mugging

Two muggers forced a man into a deserted parking lot in the International District late last month and attempted to rob him, a police report says.

The victim was walking through the ID shortly before 5:30pm on April 24th, when two men came up behind him at 8th and Jackson, grabbed both of his arms, and told him to “move and walk.” The victim later told police he felt one of the men pressing an object into his side, but did not know whether it was a knife or a gun.

The muggers forced the man across S Jackson Street and up a hill into a deserted parking lot.

The two men demanded the victim’s wallet, but when the victim refused to hand it over, the two suspects shoved him into a patch of blackberry brambles, cutting the man’s hands and face.

The suspects then fled into Kobe Terrace Park.

The victim flagged down a park ranger, who gave the man a ride to a Supercross event Qwest Field. The man called police near the stadium, but when officers searched the area around Jackson, they were unable to find the suspects.