Borstal Boss Busted Begging For Bucks?*

According to the, a high-ranking juvenile detention center employee who was put on leave last month is under investigation for borrowing money from subordinates:


Ken Conley, chief of operations and security for the Department of Youth Services, was placed on leave April 15, which is standard for employees accused of misconduct. He is a 31-year veteran and reports to Pam Jones, the detention center’s director.

Borrowing money from subordinates may have presented ethical issues, and it has prompted questions about why Conley needed the money, according to a source familiar with the case. Conley’s annual salary was $87,000 in 2009, according to county records.

There was no word Monday on how much money is in question or for how long the alleged borrowing occurred.

A county corrections spokesman, who confirmed the investigation, declined to comment Monday on details of the investigation.

Suck it, Variety.