Why It Might Be Weeks Before You See Another Morning Blotter Post

Update @ 10:20am: A solution is being worked on right now. Yay.

The Seattle Police Department has some really cool things planned for the near future which should make police reports and crime data way more accessible to the public.

However, while SPD is putting their Grand Plan in motion, I’ve been told they’ve decided to stop releasing police reports, and it could be 2-3 weeks before they release any more.

I, and several other reporters I’ve spoken with about this, have very strong feelings about the department limiting access to public information which allows us to do our jobs and keep you informed (and sometimes entertained).

This issue, obviously, doesn’t just affect us. Our news partners like Capitolhillseattle and Centraldistrictnews won’t have the latest on burglaries, assaults, and the Four Quarter Bandit. The 911 Blog, the Seattle Times’ Blotter, and all of the local news stations will undoubtedly be a bit quieter too when it comes to crime news.

We all lose because SPD, for whatever reason, has decided they can’t/won’t/don’t want to release public documents to, um, the public in a timely manner.

Bear with us, folks. We’ll continue to have up-to-the-minute info on breaking stories—like today’s news on a big raid at a downtown cigar shop under investigation for fencing stolen property—and have gotten some great tips from you guys off of our new Youreport system.

So stick around.

More on this soon.