Attempted Stabbing In SoDo

A man walked away from an attempted stabbing in SoDo late last month with only minor injuries, a police report says.

A man contacted police at about 8:00pm on April 29th and told officers an Asian man, who was missing his front teeth, had tried to stab him earlier that evening near Airport Way and S Walker St.

The victim told police he was “attempting to return a bag to an unknown person under I5″—in an area filled with homeless encampments, known as The Jungle—when he “stumbled into an argument between many people.”

According to the report, the Asian man tried to stab the victim, who managed to avoid any serious injury. He did however sustain a small cut on his hand before he fled and contacted police.

The report says police are familiar with a man who matches the suspect’s description and hangs out in the area of the incident, but were not able to locate him.

Although the police report makes it sound like the victim’s injuries weren’t very serious, he was transported to Harborview for treatment.