Police Say Dispute Between Rival “Factions” Led to High Point Assault

An assault behind the High Point community center in West Seattle late last month, which drew a huge police response, was apparently sparked by an ongoing rivalry between two groups.

When police arrived at the community center at Lanham Pl SW & SW Morgan at about 5:45pm on April 29th, the found the victim, who was “semi-conscious,” laying in the street. The report says there were 30-40 kids surrounding him.

One witness told police there is a “major problem between two factions” in High Point. The report says “one of the factions is the “Africans” [and] the other group is the Samoan’s & Blacks partnered together.”

The two “factions” had been involved in some sort of dispute prior to the assault and, according to the report, “the Africans were semi-retreating when [the suspect] came out of no where and hit the victim in the back of the head.”

Police detained three men but later released them when a witness wasn’t able to provide positive identification.