The Morning Blotter*: Gang Member Robs Man For Beer

Police say a member of a “street gang” assaulted and robbed a man in downtown Seattle last week.

At about 6:45pm on May 3rd, police officers on patrol near 3rd and Pine St when we heard shouting nearby, and contacted a man who told officers he had just been robbed.

The man told police he had purchased beer near 2nd and Pike and was walking northbound when a group of four or five men in their late teens to early twenties approached him and demanded the victim’s beer.

When the victim refused to part with his brews, one of the men in the group punched him in the eye and snatched $40 out of his hand. The group then fled.

The victim wasn’t able to provide officers with much information about his assailants, but told police he believed the men who had attacked him “stand on the street corners and hang out all day” in the downtown area.

While officers were talking with the victim, police located one possible suspect. However, the man denied having anything to do with the incident, and was released at the scene.

The police report indicates the main—and unidentified—suspect in the incident is “believed to be a part of a street gang.”


*Yes. The Morning Blotter is back thanks to some quick work by SPD.