Last Call for Angie’s

It may be only a matter of time until Columbia City’s controversial watering hole, Angie’s, closes their doors for good.

Two weeks ago, the Washington State Liquor Control Board sent the bar’s owner, Woo Yong “Andy” Lee, a Statement of Intent to Not Renew License and a Request for Hearing/ Response to Statement of Intent to Not Renew, or SINRLRHRSINR for short. In non-WSLCB speak, that means the board won’t grant them a new license to serve liquor.

The board’s decision comes about eight months after the city filed an objection to Angie’s license renewal, citing a laundry list of problems at and around the business.

The city’s objection letter, filed in September 2009, noted incidents of gunfire, fights, drug dealing, and frequent calls to police at the bar.

The bar has long been a source of controversy in the neighborhood. Some neighbors see it as a remnant of “Old Columbia City” amidst the recent gentrification of the neighborhood, while the bar’s detractors see it as a hub of criminal activity.

While Angie’s attorney, David Osgood, says his client is appealing the board’s decision, you might want to go have a drink sooner rather than later if you’re a fan of the place. I doubt it’s gonna be around much longer.