More Details On Friday Night Belltown Throat-Slashing

A man who had his throat slashed in a Belltown parking lot Friday night refused to cooperate with police at the scene, a police report says.

According to the report, when officers found the man in a parking lot at 3rd and Bell at about 10:00pm on May 7th, the victim was “not very co-operative” and only gave police a vague description of the suspect. However, the report says he would not tell officers what led to the assault.

Witnesses at the scene told police they saw the victim standing in the doorway of an empty storefront at 3rd and Blanchard, arguing with another man shortly before the stabbing

Witnesses saw the suspect slash the victim’s throat with a knife and flee.

However, the victim in the attack did not realize he’d been slashed until another man at the scene saw blood running out of the victim’s neck and brought the wound to his attention.