And Now, A Public Service Announcement About Drinking, Driving, and Strangers

If you’re too trashed to drive yourself home from the bar, take the bus, a cab, a rickshaw, or just hoof it. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT ask two strangers to take you home in your car.

On May 8th, one man made the unfortunate decision to do just that, according to a police report, providing us with a wonderful cautionary tale.

The report says the man was drinking in an “unknown bar” that evening when he struck up a conversation with two men. The victim told the men he was too intoxicated to drive, the report says, and asked the two men if they would drive him home in his car.

The two men drove the victim’s car to E Mercer st and Boylston Ave E where they pulled the vehicle over and demanded the victim’s wallet. The report doesn’t indicate where the victim lives, and whether this intersection is anywhere near his home.

When the victim refused to give up his wallet, the report says the two men pulled him out of the car and took his cash.

The two suspects then began to fight over the money, and both men fled the scene.

The victim wasn’t able to provide police wit much information about the suspects, due to his level of intoxication.

Police called the man’s wife, who came and picked her husband up from the scene.

And knowing is half the battle.