Man Gets A Face Full of Pressure Washer In Belltown

A man sustained some nasty facial injuries in Belltown late last month after he was attacked on the street by a man wielding a pressure washer.

A police report released this week says the attack took place on April 30th, but was not reported until a week later. The report says the victim was walking near 2nd and Virginia when he passed a man power washing the sidewalk.

The victim walked past the man and “immediately felt himself being sprayed from behind,” the report says. When the victim confronted the man, he “pointed the pressure washer directly into [the victim’s] face and sprayed him.”

That’s like a being on the receiving end of a big wet right hook from Ivan Drago.

The victim sustained injuries to his face and went to Swedish Hospital following the incident

The victim waited several days to call police because he had an outstanding warrant, the report says. When police finally met with the victim on May 6th, a full week after the incident, officers noticed there was still “scabbing under both of the victim’s eyes and discoloration.”

The victim was able to provide police with the names of several people who witnessed the incident.