Woman Charged For Making Softcore Sex Tape of Her 13-Year-Old Daughter

You can thank the PI.Com for this piece of afternoon-ruining news:

In charging documents, Seattle police contend Lashawnda Sharmaine Potts, 29, made a video of the 13-year-old late last year while visiting the girl in violation of a court order.

Reviewing the video in late March, a Seattle detective said the video appeared to show Potts and the girl — both nude — dancing as Potts directed her daughter. The detective asserted that while the video showed no sex acts, it was clearly meant to be sexually explicit.


“In addition to the charged crime, the defendant is accused of providing alcohol to her 13-year-old victim daughter and having the victim drive the defendant around to purchase drugs,” Gregson told the court. “The state is obviously concerned about the safety of the victim, the defendant’s inability to abide by the courts ordered no contact, and assuring the defendant will reappear for court.”