Police Investigate Students’ Claims They Were Targeted In Drive-By Shooting

Seattle gang detectives were called to South Lake High School late last month after two teens told staff at the school they had been targeted in a drive-by shooting near campus.

Police records released on Friday say two 18-year-old students were in the parking lot of a mini-mart on Rainier Ave S and S Cloverdale at about 10:45am on April 29th, when a yellow and blue Oldsmobile Cutlass with a picture of Bart Simpson on it pulled up, and a man inside the car—who, police records say, is a member of the Down Wit the Crew gang—began arguing with the teens.

The argument rapidly escalated, and the man in the car turned to one of the teens—who was wearing a t-shirt memorializing his brother, who fatally shot himself in 2008—and said “fuck your brother,” police records say.

The teenage boys told police the 24-year-old man in the car flashed a gun, but quickly drove off. The man rolled back by the mini-mart a short time later, police records say, made more threats, and drove off, firing off several rounds as he sped away. Neither teen was injured in the incident.

The two teens went back to school and told staff about the incident as, they claimed, the 24-year-old man was “supposed to return after school to confront [them] again.”

While police were interviewing the teens about the incident, the 24-year-old man called 911 and claimed he had been shot at earlier that day.

The man eventually hung up on the 911 operator, but was contacted by gang detectives a short time later.

The man told police the teens had confronted him in the parking lot of the mini-mart earlier that day, yelled at him, called him a snitch, and shot at his car.

Police say the man was evasive when officers tried to get his side of the story, but he eventually agreed to meet with police at his mother’s home in South Seattle.

Police took a statement from the man, arrested him, and impounded his car looking for weapons.

Court records appear to indicate the man has not yet been charged.