Another iPhone Robbery In Broad Daylight on Capitol Hill

A woman was robbed of her cell phone at a bus stop on Capitol Hill earlier this month after she fell for the old ask-someone-for-the-time-and-steal-their-cellphone trick.

A police report says the woman was waiting at a bus stop near 11th Ave and E John St at about 10:30am on May 10th when a man approached her and asked her for the time.

When the woman pulled out her phone to check, the suspect asked if her phone was an iPhone, and then tried to grab the phone out of her hands. The suspect then knocked her to the ground and stole her phone.

When a witness at the scene confronted the man, the suspect told them “thats my girlfriend and that bitch took my phone.” The man then fled the scene. According to the report, the woman told police she’d never met the man before.

Several witnesses at the scene chased after the suspect—one on foot, the other in a car—who got into a white Saturn and drove off.

One witness followed the suspect in his car, but eventually lost him around 18th and Mercer when the suspect “started recklessly going through red lights.”

Police were able to track the Saturn to an apartment at 18th and Mercer, but when officers checked the unit, a neighbor said it had been vacant for at least a month after the previous tenant was evicted.