Burglar Busted Stealing Teacher’s Award

Police sent two young men to detention last week after they were busted stealing a teacher’s award—among other things—from her West Seattle home.

A police report says the woman, her husband, and their 8-month-old child arrived at their home on 40th Ave SW and SW Willow Street at about 10:00pm on May 17th, and heard noises coming from the upper floor of their house.

Initially they thought it was just racoons but, the report says, “they quickly realized that it was not animals” when they saw a man in his early twenties leap from their balcony down to the street.

The couple quickly called police, who brought in a K-9 unit and tracked down the suspect, as well as his “lookout”, a few blocks away.

Police searched the two young men and found that one of them was carrying a “large gold-colored metal coin printed with ‘Highline School District Excellence in Teaching,'” which belonged to the woman, who is a teacher in the Highline district.

Police also recoverd a laptop stolen from the home and several other coins from a backpack which one of the suspects apparently dropped near the scene

Police booked one of the young men into the King County Jail, and booked the other into the Youth Service Center.