Man Pulls Gun On Assailants In University District

Seattle police arrested an 18-year-old man in the University District last night after the man made the mistake of starting shit with a gun owner.

At about 9:15pm last night, police received reports of gunfire from an alleyway at 52nd and Brooklyn Ave NE, and were told that two men in the alley were armed with a rifle and a handgun.

According to police, a man and his wife were pulled into the alleyway behind their home and found another car already parked in their spot.

When the man honked his horn and began yelling for the driver to move the car, two other men and a teenage girl ran around the corner of an apartment building and began shouting at the couple.

Police say the two men began striking the victim’s vehicle, told him they would “fuck him up” and “kick his ass,” and then reached into the car, grabbed the man, hit him several times, and tried to grab him by the neck.

The victim pulled out a pocket knife and told the men to leave. At that moment, another group of at least five other men joined the suspects, and the victim jumped out of the vehicle and ran inside his home, leaving his wife in the car.

Another person—possibly a neighbor—showed up and tried to calm the situation by telling the suspects that the victim “was a gun owner and he would either return with a gun or call 911” hoping that “would be incentive for the suspects to leave.”


The suspect, undaunted by the possibility of getting shot, then announced that he had a .45 caliber handgun.

The victim came back out of his home carrying a .22 caliber rifle and again told the suspects to get off his property.

The suspects didn’t budge until the victim racked a round into the chamber. Then, of course, the suspects took off running.

Police stopped the suspects at the end of the alley. They claimed the victim had fired at them, and threatened them with a knife. However, they would not elaborate on how the incident started. Police were also unable to find any shell casings.

Police recognized several people in the group from an earlier call to the same alleyway for “narcotics activity.”

Officers arrested a 18-year-old man for assault and a 16-year-old girl, who the Youth Service Center declined to book. Police are asking prosecutors to file harassment charges, in addition to the assault.

Jail records say in the last six months, the 18-year-old man has been arrested for theft, trespassing, domestic violence, and alcohol violations.