Police Recover More Than One Kilo of Heroin From “Stabbing Victim”

A police investigation into a stabbing and robbery in the International District Wednesday night ended up turning into a major drug bust after police recovered a backpack full of heroin and cash from a man injured during the incident.

Officers were called to 12th and Jackson around 9:30pm on May 18th after receiving reports that two suspects had pulled a man into a black Honda Accord, then stabbed and robbed him.

It turns out that wasn’t quite the case.

Police still aren’t sure exactly what happened—the 19-year-old victim was apparently extremely uncooperative when questioned by officers—but it turns out the man’s injuries were not as serious as police and medics initially believed.

While medics at the scene called for a “blood run”—typically indicating a patient has lost a significant amount of blood—SPD spokesman Jeff Kappel says the victim only sustained a “superficial injury” to his chest.

At some point during the investigation, sources tell us police recovered a backpack filled with a significant amount of cash—possibly thousands of dollars—and more than 1,000 grams of black tar heroin. That’s over a kilo for those of you not familiar with the metric system (I only know that because of a Ghostface Killah song). It appears the backpack of drugs and cash belonged to the victim, who police are familiar with.

It’s not clear whether the man has been booked for drug possession.

SPD is still looking for two Hispanic men believed to be connected with the incident.