Under the Influence

The Seattle Police Department’s Office of Professional Accountability is investigating whether police attempted to influence, lobby, or coerce Q13 into keeping a now infamous video of Gang Unit detective Shandy Cobane threatening to “beat the Mexican piss” out of an (innocent) robbery suspect off the air.

From SPD:

Since first learning of the widely publicized April 17th incident the Office of Professional Accountability has been concerned about the Seattle Police Department’s inability to get immediate access to the video from that evening.

On May 19th the Office of Professional Accountability was made aware of information published by a local media outlet earlier in the day alleging that unidentified Seattle Police Department members tried to exert influence over another media outlet, specifically discouraging that media outlet from disseminating the April 17th video.

The Office of Professional Accountability has initiated an investigation pursuant to the most recent allegations that were published on May 19th. This investigation is separate from the original April 17th investigation.