The Morning Blotter: Another Light Rail Station Robbery

Just a few weeks after a group of teens allegedly attacked and robbed a woman at the Mount Baker light rail station, police are investigating another robbery at a different South Seattle light rail stop.

According a police report, shortly before 11:00pm on May 21st, the victim in this recent robbery was at the Columbia City station on Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Edmunds street when three men approached him and asked him for money. When the victim said he didn’t have any cash, one of the men punched him in the back of his head. The group of men then fled.

The man was not seriously injured in the attack, and told police the robbers weren’t actually able to take anything. Police were unable to locate the suspects.

I’ve only ridden the light rail once at night after a baseball game, and I was drunk on $12 beers and therefore impervious to harm (It’s true! I read it in a book!). For those of you who commute on the light rail on a more regular basis: is riding the light rail any better than riding the #7 bus? Do you ever see security on the trains? Do you feel safe riding the light rail?