You May Now Refer To Us As “The Award-Winning”

That’s right, people. We won something!

The Seattle Weekly’s First Annual Best of the Web Awards named us:

Seattle’s Best Online Presence – News 

Web award judge Ethan Lowry (of described our site as:

“It’s innovative and focused, and the iPhone app is cool.”–  Ethan Lowry

It’s been a lot of work keeping the site going, but we’ve had a lot of help from great folks like Tom, Brian, Scott from CDN, Justin from CHS, and all of you great folks who call in, email, text us tips, and read the site every damned day.

Seattlecrime’s growing every day and we’re starting to get real, legitimate recognition as the place to get news about crime. And we’ve done it all without copy editors! (Thank you for your patience).

Along with our iPhone app, we’re continually working to find new ways to bring you up-to-the-minute info about sirens on your block, burglaries in your neighborhood, and what’s happening around you on the streets of Seattle. Y’know, the kind of stuff that keeps bringing more eyeballs to

We’re growing. And our advertising business is taking shape. We have a large and extremely local audience. If you are interested in having your business be part of Seattlecrime, contact me at

Thanks to the Weekly and the folks who nominated us for the Web Awards! We’d also like to Thank Criminals Everywhere for providing us with a constant stream of great material.