Man Arrested For Lake City Shooting Previously Threatened to Kill Seattle Cop

A 21-year-old man arrested in connection with a shooting and assault outside of a Lake City bar late last month was previously convicted of threatening to kill an off-duty Seattle police officer last year, according to court records.

Charging documents for the August 2009 incident say Seattle police officer Ryan Huteson was walking in to Emerald City Smoothie in Federal Way the evening of August 29th when he passed two Samoan men, one of whom was the 21-year-old man—then 20—arrested in Lake City on my 25th.

Court records say the 20-year-old man turned to Officer Huteson, who was off-duty and out of uniform—and said “What are you looking at white boy? I’m going to kill you.”

When Huteson flashed his SPD badge, records say the 20-year-old told him “I don’t care. I’m still going to fucking kill you, you fucking pig.”

The man then advanced on officer Huteson “with clenched fists and swinging arms,” until Huteson displayed a pistol in his ankle holster.

The man’s friend grabbed him and told him “don’t do it. He’s a cop,” and both men walked off, court documents say.

Federal Way police were called to the scene, and officer stopped the two men nearby and asked Huteson to drive to the scene to identify the suspects.

When Huteson drove up to where officers had detained the two men, court records say the 20-year-old “kept repeating aloud the license number of Huteson’s vehicle as though he were trying to memorize it.” He then told Huteson “I’ll fuck you up, you bitch. I’ll find you, bitch. I don’t care if you’re police. I’ll fuck you up.” Court documents say the 20-year-old man appeared intoxicated.

The man pleaded guilty to felony harassment charges and was sentenced just eight days before police arrested him—the morning after his 21st birthday—following a melee which ended in gunfire outside of the Lake City Bar and Grill. One man was injured in the incident.

We’re working to find out about the man’s sentence. He has not yet been charged for the Lake City incident, and was released from the King County Jail on May 28th after posting $100,000 bond.